Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dream java: HashSet from Sun, but likely BitSet from GNU

As the majority knows we now have two FOSS implementations of java runtime library: OpenJDK from Sun Microsystems and the parallel GNU Classpath project. There are various opinions on how this situation will be resolved in the future. Hence there is a natural interest to compare these two implementations.

GNU Classpath usually runs with the different java virtual machine than the Sun's code and is used as a whole, without trying to separate any part apart. In that way, no honest comparison is possible between any units that are smaller than all jre + all rtl together. However many packages in GNU Classpath are written entirely in java and are relatively weakly dependent from each other. This opens opportunity to test (and, if wanted, to use) them separately from the main project.

For Sun, we used the classes and jre of the 1.6.0_04 release (not to give opportunity to argue later that results of this research do not apply to the “original” java). GNU Classpath java.util. package was taked from CVS repository and modified to run on the same 1.6.0_04 Sun's jre (simply moving classes into another package). That way we have got the two java.util.* implementations that were capable to coexist on the same virtual machine and to be directly compared with each other.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Eclipse launches super run-time project as alternative to Java and .NET

The Eclipse organization has amassed a huge installed base of developers using its Java-based open source development tools. Now the organization has set its sights on the run-time arena and will take on Sun’s Java and Microsoft’s .NET with what it says is an agnostic open source component model that runs across multiple operating systems and computing tiers.
At EclipseCon 2008 in Santa Clara, Calif on Monday, the project leaders announced the Eclipse Runtime project (Eclipse RT) an initiative to build an open source run-time technology based on its own Equinox, a lightweight OSGi compliant run-time. Equinox, the core run-time platform for Eclipse, is not new. The run-time is used by Actuate, BEA, Code 9, Iona, IBM and Oracle and is reportedly deployed on millions of developers’ desktops. (the announcement comes three days before the vernal Equinox
What is new is the overarching effort to unify the organization’s many run-time projects including Equinox, the Eclipse Communications Framework, EclipseLink, Rich Ajax Platform (RAP), Riena and Swordfish into a unified project and establish a consistent open source run-time and component model that runs across all operating systems and computing tiers.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tech to java: LeBlanc now tackles retail

JazzyBird Coffee isn’t Brian LeBlanc’s first business startup.
Bitten by the same bug that 23 years ago led his father Bob to create Bengal Products — the maker of Bengal Roach Spray and other insecticides — Brian LeBlanc worked for that multimillion-dollar family venture 15 years while starting his own technology businesses.
He operated Intersurf Online for five years before the Internet service provider merged eight years ago with Network Technology Group. It’s now a data storage firm that complements the Louisiana Technology Park in the former Bon Marché Mall on Florida Boulevard. PNHS of Dallas acquired NTG last year.
More than a decade ago, LeBlanc also launched Celestial Technologies — a company that proposed an online music jukebox using compressed music files. LeBlanc hit a near home run with the concept that licensed Lucent Technologies compression software to encode digital music and tilted at beating rival MP3’s format.

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